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  1. What’s a Goober?

    Many of us recognize a goober as a peanut. In our world, a Goober is someone who believes in supporting the LOCAL movement in their own hometowns and would love to find a way to divert more of their patronage to independent businesses. GooberPick provides a way to enjoy the convenience of online shopping while supporting the neighbors you know at your own local store.

  2. What exactly is GooberPick?
    GooberPick is a partner to your favorite local, independent retailer that provides a unique system for online ordering and fulfillment. Using a GooberPick retailer allows you to participate in the LOCAL movement by keeping your dollars close to home without sacrificing the modern conveniences of online shopping and close-to-home delivery.
  3. How does GooberPick shopping work?
    Simply input your pickup zip code location and determine your GooberPick retailer. You can then shop for the items you need and process your sale much like any other online retail shopping experience. At checkout, simply input the delivery criteria to arrange for the most convenient GooberPick pickup location and your local GooberPick retailer will take it from there. Expect to receive an alert indicating that your item(s) have been delivered to your convenient drop location, along with your secure access information to enter the GooberPod, check-in at the kiosk, and retrieve your purchased items from the designated locker. It’s as simple as that!
  4. How do I find out if there’s a GooberPick Retailer near me?

    When you enter our site, be sure to fill out the zip code for your most convenient pickup location and you will be directed straight to your GooberPick store. You can also search locations through our search options and filters to find the best GooberPick location for your convenience.

    If you don’t have a GooberPick store in your area, you can CONTACT US for more information on your market. As GooberPick is a movement to support local, independent businesses, don’t be afraid to suggest the GooberPick program to the owner of your favorite local small businesses!

  5. I’m a retailer and I’m interested in GooberPick. How do I learn more?
    We partner with a growing network of small businesses and we would be happy to speak with you about bringing GooberPick to your area. Our goal is to assist our partners in their success; therefore, if there is already another GooberPick retailer (in your retail category) that offers GooberPick in your market, we won’t be able to assist you within their designated service area.
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